Hypothesis: Crypto Payments can help SMB businesses

In 2017 with so much excitement as Beluga Pay we worked alongside SMB businesses looking to transform their brick and mortar stores in Latin America and tried blending traditional credit card processing and crypto currency businesses with the hypothesis it could accelerate their business.

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Lessons learned at Beluga Pay

In 2019 we learned that: 1) Our hypotheses was not correct 2) We onboarded high risk merchants who later created costly chargebacks 3) We have tons of room for improvement for proper community communication.

As a result of these lessons learned our Beluga Pay product failed to get traction and we believe we were a little early for small merchant transaction to happen on Ethereum. We see other examples of Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador doing a great job to establish grass root efforts for crypto accepting merchants in Latin America. We salute those efforts and read some of the other challenges on Bitcoin Beach!

We also learned that we need to over communicate these shortcomings and are planning to do Monthly Recap's with our Developer Team to keep you updated on our regular progress.


Building BelugaOS: Digital Storefront Technology

After seeing the local challenges we had deploying point of sales with cryptocurrency we asked ourselves what is a global online massive industry that needs payments? 

Around the same time we saw the introduction of Web 3 gaming and thought this could be a great opportunity to deploy our know how and skills in the payment space.

We started researching solutions for Unity and developing solutions using WebGL.


Community + Developers
= Success

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Now that we have working examples of BelugaOS SDK and able to run transactions on chain from inside a Unity game we believe it is time to onboard new game developers.

If we focus on developers who build hit titles we could finally close the loop and bring crypto payments to millions (perhaps billions) of people.

We also believe it is more important than ever to communicate our shortcomings, what is going right & wrong to tackle new opportunities together with our community. We are excited to deploy community consensus voting to drive the path forward.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and your patience as we build. Building meaningful technology is a journey of millions of steps and we've already taken a few together.