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The world of payments is evolving quickly and many forms of payments seem to be commonplace at retail point of sales in the developed world. In the developing world, our hypothesis in 2017 was that Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) would benefit from having cryptocurrency as an option at checkout. An instant settlement we believed could be a massive win for merchants and hopefully benefit consumers with reduced cost and enhanced security of self-hosted wallets.

This solution was deployed as Beluga Pay in 2018 however the product was challenging to sell and oftentimes we were asked - are we going to be spending Ethereum gas fees and waiting a few minutes to send a transaction when the Ethereum network is congested? From the hundreds of merchants who used our credit card solution under a handful of transactions used Ethereum as a form of payment.

This is by no means a dig at Ethereum, we admire the work they are doing and understand we are still in the early days. We still believe that gas fees and times will improve as blockchains scale and drive forward. This was more a challenge on the timing of our hypothesis, recently Binance and Mastercard announced they would be partnering up in Brazil - and we wish them the best as they push into new markets and business models. However, as a small team for our first product launch failure in 2019 we decided to focus on building a new system called BelugaOS.

BelugaOS is focused on achieving:
  1. Global Scale
  2.           With brick and mortar SMEs in Latin America, our key audience and community members sometimes couldn’t easily access our product or see it live in the market. Now we want to build something where anyone with a browser, anywhere in the world can see what BelugaOS can do.
  3. Fill a Real Need
  4.           There are billions of people who would like to make microtransaction payments online, for games, digital content and products. Currently this monopoly is mostly held by Apple and Google’s app stores. We are expecting this to become democratized as companies demand option
  5. Demographic Crossover
  6.            Cryptocurrency still has under 10% global penetration. We need to find early adopters in other large industries

The Future of Payments in Games, Digital Content and Digital Goods

Amazon has recently announced after several years of working in gaming that they will be launching their NFT gaming products and seek to become an important player in the space. (source:https://www.pymnts.com/nfts/2023/amazon-enters-web3-jungle-with-nft-initiative-launching-this-spring/). 

This is especially important for two reasons 1) this is Amazon’s first crypto product 2) Amazon is signaling to the market that this is probably going to be an industry that continues to mature versus remains a small cottage industry.

As digital collectibles, non fungible tokens, digital content and micro transactions in game require payment it opens up a host of other interesting opportunities for BelugaOS and problems we have been working to solve for the last several years:

  1. Self-hosted multi-token wallets 

  2. Several payment options in native applications

  3. Merchant level dashboards and user journeys

Games also may provide early experiences within the so-called metaverse. Being an early integrator into games and web3 games may give us a potential edge once the so-called metaverse takes shape.

Addressable Market: Humanity
BelugaOs Identity, Payments, Analytics Layer
In-Game Goods
Digital Goods
Project Codename "MoMerlin"

    Leaderboards API
    API interaction with     Chainsafe SDK
    NFT Access Layer
Project Codename "Doglit"

    Events API
    On-chain payments
    Microtransactions and repository

Current Status Live and Testing

Over the last several months we have successfully tested in-game integration using Chainsafe SDK, our BelugaOS leaderboards system and BelugaOS token distribution and matching engine. We feel confident that over the next several months we can show a workable demo at scale of this system.

Game Developers as a Key Thought Leader

We will organize several “Game Jams” which are equivalent to hackathons where game developers may integrate their games for the community to vote on. 

The winning titles will receive funding grants and also receive specialized services and features to our community. 

BBI Utility

Beluga Banking Infrastructure utility is to provide access to In-game Tools and Payment services to improve games.

In the future BBI may be staked by developers in exchange for reduced fees and premium services.

Early Product Use Cases

  1. On chain payments

  2. NFT Battle Passes

  3. Authentication Wallet API Endpoint for Unity

  4. Leaderboards API

  5. Spin Wheel API

BBI Use Cases

We will follow a similar token model as ChatGPT where BBI tokens will be used to purchase API transactions. We will offer a free tier for developers of under 10,000 users and our premium entry level service will be approximately 10,000 BBI Tokens per month.

Any sales that occur via the BelugaOS Unity SDK will incur a 1% transaction fee in addition to Stripe or Gas Fees. If the developers are staking 100,000 BBIs there will be no fees incurred. Minimum staking length is 6 months.

Current Web3 games require lots of metagame services by using MoMerlin tools web3 game developers will be able to use components to setup in game services. Saving them time, money and enabling better infrastructure for gamers.
Audience Services
Doglit will enable rewards-based process for asynchronous communication

Development Roadmap

  1. 2017/2018: Beluga Pay $BBI creation

  1. 2019: Beluga Pay launches in market and fails to receive market traction

  1. 2020: BelugaOS project is created to identify future payment opportunities

  1. 2021: BelugaOS begins developing alpha versions of in-game tools

  1. 2022: BelugaOS launches test network with beta group

  1. Spring 2023: BelugaOS announces 1st Global $10K Concept Game Jam
                    Use Midjourney + ChatGPT to create a Game Story Line and Concept Board. BBI Token holders to vote on which game to develop.

  1. Winter 2023: BelugaOS plans to onboard 3rd party Game Developers

Please note timelines are subject to change. If you would like to try our current game tools in the beta group and are comfortable signing NDA please contact support@belugaos.com.

Join our first developers streaming session where we demo the power of the tools we are building. This webcast will take place March 20, 2023 at noon UTC.