What is a Game Jam?

Game Jam is a competition to find and fund indie Web 3 Games. Game developers receive grants to add in BelugaOS SDK and features. The $BBI token holders vote on who receives the grants.
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Meet new people

Join our community that believes the digital economy is powered by easy of use, payments included.


Provides a payment, competition, analytics layer.


We are constantly working to bring new updates and features to BelugaOS, such as:
In-Game Payments
Use traditional payments as well as crypto payments for one-time and recurring subscriptions in-game.
In-Game Inventory
Manage all your in-game assets and view your inventory by connecting your Metamask wallet.
BBI Rewards
Coming soon! Try the BBI Spin Wheel to test out the reward functionality.

And so much more...

We plan to launch achievements, inventory management and more. Join our community to influence the future of BelugaOS.
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